General commercial law

The business world is in a constant state of flux and the role of expert advisor means being aware of the latest developments, whether they involve the latest industry knowledge or awareness and experience of handling the most recent legal issues.

Strategic contracts

Agreements should of course be clear, effective and support the business. However, in a world of constant change, increased globalisation and transparency have led to a greater need for flexible and dynamic agreements where all parties have the opportunity to continually increase their business benefit and their competitiveness.

Commercial contract law

A well-adapted and balanced agreement constitutes one of the cornerstones of a successful contractual relationship between two companies. In order to achieve this, a well-conceived contractual arrangement is required, along with a negotiation strategy conducted by lawyers with experience, industry knowledge and strong negotiation skills.

IT law

Business life and, consequently, the IT industry, are becoming increasingly service-oriented. Service suppliers must combine the capacity to make deliveries with greater flexibility and more commercial awareness.

Privacy law

Privacy law issues, such as the processing of personal data, are already of major significance to many companies, and the efficient handling of such information is set to become increasingly important. The laws and regulations governing how companies handle personal data are changing.


Outsourcing is becoming increasingly common as companies outsource functions that they do not see as part of their core business. Historically, outsourcing has often been linked to the company’s IT structure and then it was all about reducing the company’s IT costs.


Affärsadvokaterna have extensive experience of not just assisting in contractual negotiations and drawing up balanced agreements, but also of planning and preparing RFQ documentation and tenders in procurements.

Corporate law

With extensive experience and considerable knowledge, Affärsadvokaterna have all the prerequisites for obtaining an in-depth understanding, not only of the assignment, but of the client’s business. These prerequisites are the foundation of a successful project and the creation of long-term relationships, which Affärsadvokaterna hope to establish.


Affärsadvokaterna have conducted many corporate acquisitions, on both the buyer and seller side. Affärsadvokaterna have extensive experience of acting as project managers in complex projects and are accustomed to both handling the client’s internal resources and working in close collaboration with, and sometimes managing, other consultants.

Raising of capital

At some point in the life of a fast-growing company, the issue of raising external capital will appear on the agenda. Over many years, Affärsadvokaterna have acquired a great understanding of their clients’ business activities and the industries in which they operate.

Dispute resolution

Affärsadvokaterna are often engaged to submit assessments, risk analyses and other kinds of special assignments in various types of dispute-like situations.