Outsourcing is becoming increasingly common as companies outsource functions that they do not see as part of their core business. Historically, outsourcing has often been linked to the company’s IT structure and then it was all about reducing the company’s IT costs.

Outsourcing involves establishing good contractual relationships, and this has improved the advisors’ capacity to draw up and negotiate clear agreements that address all the issues that the parties are likely to come across over the course of what is often a lengthy contractual period.

Today, outsourcing does not just apply to IT; it can involve whole commercial processes, such as payroll processes, business processes (e.g. BI and BPO), financial services, purchasing and property services, etc. Nowadays, outsourcing is not just a way of reducing costs; it is also an increasingly important tool with which companies can become more competitive, since specialised external suppliers handle all the processes that are not part of the company’s core business.

Affärsadvokaterna have extremely extensive experience of outsourcing and provide ongoing advice in both national and international outsourcing projects. Affärsadvokaterna have not just been advisors for outsourcing projects in the IT field; they have also been involved with outsourcing in other areas, such as financial services, business processes (e.g. BI and BPO), purchasing and property services (e.g. Facility Management). Our broach experience has meant that Affärsadvokaterna have been involved in the most challenging projects and, as a result, we can utilise this experience in future assignments.

With their corporate law background, Affärsadvokaterna have extensive experience of large, complex and operation-critical transactions. Affärsadvokaterna have assisted in many outsourcing projects where the aim has been to improve the company’s competitive possibilities, to reduce costs and to improve quality. Affärsadvokaterna have vast experience of outsourcing business processes, IT, contact centres, payroll and invoicing processes, facility management, financial services, purchasing and third-party logistics.