Affärsadvokaterna have conducted many corporate acquisitions, on both the buyer and seller side. Affärsadvokaterna have extensive experience of acting as project managers in complex projects and are accustomed to both handling the client’s internal resources and working in close collaboration with, and sometimes managing, other consultants.

The experience of Affärsadvokaterna allows us to describe the challenges and risks that an acquisition or a sale can entail in an educational manner.

Over the years, Affärsadvokaterna have built up an independent contact network of specialists that we use in cases where there is a conflict of interest, or when we require additional specialist expertise. Affärsadvokaterna are not part of an alliance and are free to choose the advisors that they feel best suit each individual matter.

The many years of experience that Affärsadvokaterna have, and their wide-ranging specialist expertise in managing complex projects afford Affärsadvokaterna the opportunity to provide highly qualified, expert advice. Affärsadvokaterna combine their project management with clear, direct dialogue.