IT law

Business life and, consequently, the IT industry, are becoming increasingly service-oriented. Service suppliers must combine the capacity to make deliveries with greater flexibility and more commercial awareness.

Today, traditional IT systems are increasingly supplied through service agreements such as outsourcing or via cloud services. Growing digital information management also demands that the advisors can handle complicated privacy issues. And as this development is now occurring at the same time that the companies’ demands on both agreements and advisors are on the increase, additional requirements arise that legal advisors have the experience and ability necessary to put the legalities in their correct commercial context.

Affärsadvokaterna not only have extensive experience of representing large and medium-sized Swedish companies on both the supplier and the client side, but also of being corporate lawyers and purchasing services on both the supplier and client side. Affärsadvokaterna have thereby acquired a unique experience of commercial understanding, industry knowledge, negotiating experience and strategic considerations. And all this combined with commitment and a proactive approach.

Affärsadvokaterna are accustomed to leading projects on both a Swedish and a global scale. Affärsadvokaterna also have experience of managing other advisors in both large and small projects.

Affärsadvokaterna have been involved in many different types of projects concerning complex legal and strategic issues. Affärsadvokaterna have broad experience of the IT market and are actively involved in the developments in this area. Mattias Lindberg is a well-liked lecturer and is known for combining teaching with practical, relevant examples from conducting negotiations and other assignments.

The assignments that Affärsadvokaterna accept include: outsourcing (for example, operations, workstations, Service Desk, communication services, printing and application management), IT projects and IT agreements (such as systems procurements) and advice regarding marketing issues.