Commercial contract law

A well-adapted and balanced agreement constitutes one of the cornerstones of a successful contractual relationship between two companies. In order to achieve this, a well-conceived contractual arrangement is required, along with a negotiation strategy conducted by lawyers with experience, industry knowledge and strong negotiation skills.

From our experience as corporate lawyers, we have also learned that it is efficient, in terms of both time and cost, to prepare balanced templates that are pedagogically structured. This enables Affärsadvokaterna’s clients to focus on what they do best – their core business. And Affärsadvokaterna can continue to provide high-quality advice.

Affärsadvokaterna are highly experienced when it comes to examining commercial agreements and business strategies.

Through this wide experience, Affärsadvokaterna provide legal and strategic advice with a strong commercial focus. Our background as corporate lawyers combined with our legal experience therefore gives us the opportunity to offer our clients focused, cost-efficient management of ongoing legal issues with industry expertise.

Affärsadvokaterna have many years of experience of leading large, complex projects. Our experience of project management is used both when coordinating internal projects and steering committees at the client, and when we work together with other consultants and foreign law firms.

Affärsadvokaterna have extensive experience of preparing and negotiating distribution agreements, agent agreements, commission agreements, resale agreements, collaborative agreements, franchise agreements, supply agreements, development agreements, manufacturing agreements, purchasing agreements, consultancy agreements, service agreements, project agreements and systems delivery agreements.