In this section, we go into a little more detail regarding how we helped a couple of clients:


Kontakta is in continuous need of quick and accurate advice. Affärsadvokaterna understand their clients’ overall strategic objectives and have a good business sense, which is why they were given the prestigious task of contributing their expertise in the field of commercial contract law in all of the ongoing issues facing Kontakta and its member companies. Kontakta and Affärsadvokaterna established a close cooperation, through which Affärsadvokaterna not only handle Kontakta’s internal affairs, but also continuously advise Kontakta on new legislation affecting the industry, introductory training and current industry matters. Mattias Lindberg is appreciated for his ability to understand the client’s overall, strategic project goals, in other words his ability to see the big picture.


Jetpak is a market-leading, Nordic firm in the logistics industry. Jetpak needed a skilled legal representative to safeguard its interests in a strategically important dispute over an important matter of principle. Affärsadvokaterna’s background as corporate lawyers, and the firm’s experience of working with boards of directors, company management and steering committees guarantees a strong commercial perspective and recommendations that are clear, solution-oriented, concrete and usable.

For Jetpak, it was especially important that the lawyer understood the industry in which Jetpak operates in order to understand Jetpak’s needs – and that the lawyer could translate this knowledge into a sound agreement. Affärsadvokaterna look beyond the legal aspects and put it into a wider commercial context. When the arbitration procedure was completed and the set goals had been achieved, Jetpak contacted Affärsadvokaterna again and asked them to carry out a review of the companies contractual terms and conditions.


Contiga, a leading construction company in the Nordic region, outsourced its IT through first generation outsourcing, following a procurement process. The construction firm was looking for innovative proposals, based on the corporate group’s special requirements. Since the agreements were extremely strategic in nature, Contiga needed a legal representative skilled in negotiation and they therefore engaged Affärsadvokaterna to prepare the agreements and participate in all negotiations, as well as other strategic and legal considerations relating to the procurement. Affärsadvokaterna know which questions need to be asked in order to ensure that all relevant parts of an agreement are put in place. As a result of their project experience, the firm was also commissioned to manage the management consultants engaged in the outsourcing project. After completing their assignment, Affärsadvokaterna were given the new task of procuring the group’s business systems and outsourcing (for example, its personnel, human resources and payroll systems).


Legevisitten, one of the leading healthcare groups in the Nordic region, were looking for a proactive partner who could actively identify and suggest solutions to potential problems that could occur in their preparation and negotiation of agreements. In the light of this, Affärsadvokaterna were awarded the prestigious assignment of assisting Legevisitten in the procurement process for the second generation outsourcing of the group’s IT (confidential agreement value). The negotiations were extremely complicated both in terms of the negotiations as such and the handling of sensitive patient information in the group. With their knowledge of the field of healthcare, Affärsadvokaterna, represented by Mattias Lindberg, were chosen to draw up agreements and to handle negotiations and other strategic and legal considerations in connection with the procurement.

Affärsadvokaterna were then also commissioned to assist in the negotiations of a new copy agreement.